Growing up, I had an awkward habit of rushing to open the door before anyone could even get to ring the damn door bell. My mom called it rude, I called it saving time.

But now that I am a lady – Yes dad, your little Little is growing up – I have learnt to let people let me let themselves in…then I make them Oros right before I suggest we go out for Dunked wings and those pink platforms I last saw on Instagram 😀

So instead of the VIMBA!!  embroiderd door mat you most probably would have stepped on a decade ago, It now reads WELCOME MGANI. Come in and see for yourself, I don’t bite, I just style, slay and slay baaby, yaas!                                                                                                             From here on, you have full access to my closet Dude!                                                                                Lets Play Dress Up